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Lend A Hand Society (LAHS)

Contact Address:
Lend A Hand Society
Banjul area Head office
PO Box 2914, Serrekunda
Kanifing South
18 Radio Gambia Road
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4390550 
                     9826035 / 7387164
                     3990399 / 6869612


The Lend A Hand Society (LAHS) is a Gambian registered youth NGO founded on April 18, 1995 in Banjul. The grassroots organisation's main aims are to develop student sponsorship programmes to support needy students, to encourage young people to develop more self esteem, a positive outlook in life, good time-keeping, responsibility, capacity building, self-reliance, tolerance and respect for themselves and others around them.

Vision & Activities:
• LAHS employs an integrated view of development of youth within their membership. It is their conviction that confidence in one's self is an essential requirement for achieving aims in life. The Lend A Hand Society creates the enabling environment to support youth to develop self-confidence from their own initiative.

• The centre has a sponsorship scheme for deprived students financed through fundraising activities.

• Their programs are tailored to meet such an integrated approach of enhancing the capacity of their group and in turn add their efforts towards the development of the whole Gambian people.

• HIV / Aids awareness and training workshops for schools & colleges with UNAIDS.

• Hope is YOU
The idea behind the Hope is YOU project is basically for people to make donations of materials they no longer need such as clothing, footwear, books and other items. These are then distributed to impoverished students or victims of natural disasters.

• Lead the establishment of a youth network named The Youth Collaboration (YC).

• Discussion on leadership qualities, speaking in public, organising and other issues are regularly held. Their educational programmes include talking in the media, group discussions and forums as well as tutorials for students who require them at their building during the school year as well as during the summer holidays. LAHS also arranges various school competitions among students in all grades of the education system.

• The Lend A Hand Society's vision is for nationwide coverage of their projects, and so far they have over 30 regional branches in various secondary schools in the Western Region, Upper River Region, Central River Region and the Greater Banjul area. They have also initiated a scheme to introduce their programmes to primary and lower basic schools on the West Coast Region of the Kombo Saint Mary District.

Partners & Linkages in Gambia:
• Association of Youths Against Malaria (TAYAM)
• BAFROW Youth Advocacy
• Bakau Youth Association for Children’s Welfare (BAYCAW)
• Kanifing East Youth Development Society (KEYDS)
• Ministry of Education
• Red Cross Society Youth Wing
• Rotary Club of Banjul
• Youth Association for Advancement (YAA)

Partners Overseas:
• Gambian Association in Italy
• Pope John Paul II Sahel Foundation

1 Kairaba Avenue
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