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Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI)

Contact Address:
Lighthouse Chapel International
Sait Matty Road
Banjul area Head office
PO Box 2124 Serrekunda
Kanifing Municipality
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 6212356 


The LCI Gambia chapter is a Christian ministry which is registered as an NGO in Banjul. The church originates from Ghana and was established by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and has since become a worldwide ministry which is present in over 60 nations.

Lighthouse Chapel International aims to offer a strong foundation of Bible-based sermons, enabling their members to teach the Gospel, preach, while staying within the legal boundaries of the country of their location.

Mission Statement:
To construct 25,000 places of worship in 150 countries.

To develop strong advocate Christians who do Gods work.

To strongly promote the advancement of the Gospel and churches.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven and hear Jesus say - "Well done, good and faithful servant."

That God Almighty is the one and only God.

In line with the Scriptures, Jesus Christ will come down again to reign on Earth and at the final judgement day will judge every man and woman for what they have done, thought and believed.

That Jesus Christ died on the cross for mankind's sins and that salvation is through only Him.

That Jesus, son of the Virgin Mary, is the only son of God.

That He is three-in-one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Trinity).

A Christian is one who willingly accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

That all men have sinned and require redemption from their sins to gain everlasting life in Heaven.

That He is God manifested and lives among men.

That the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit to believers, as felt by the early Church, is here for us today.

That the daily lives of believers must be guided and follow the Word of God as written in the Bible.

Tel no: +233 307 01 04 44

Opposite the Atlas filling station and next to the Bakau Army Barracks.

Opening Hours:
Tuesdays: 7pm to 9pm
Fridays: 7pm to 9pm
Sundays: Sundays 9.30 to 11.30am
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