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Gambia Police Force

Contact Address:

Banjul Police Station

GPF Headquarters
Ecowas Avenue
Banjul capital
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 422 7223 

Fax:     +220 422 7248 



The Gambia, which has one of the lowest crime rates of all the countries in the sub-Sahara region, has a police force which is making all efforts to make the country as crime and drug free as possible. It's purpose, among other things, is to attract, retain, and promote foreign investment as well as guarantee the safety of those enjoying the hospitality of this lovely country's tourism industry.

The Gambian Police Force has succeeded in creating and maintaining a generally conductive atmosphere by involving the public in the prevention and detection of crime.

In addition, there is the Sea Patrol Police Unit and a petit Air Force, which will be operational in the near future. These units, apart from their territorial security duties, will also give support and assistance to the tourist sailing the River Gambia.

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