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American Embassy (Banjul)

Contact Address:
US Embassy


Kairaba Avenue, Fajara
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 4392856 / 4391971
              4464681 (Kololi)
Fax:     4375270 (Consular Sect'n.)


The Embassy of the United States of America is in the Fajara area of the Greater capital of Banjul. The U.S. Mission is composed of 2 U.S. Government Agencies namely the Dept. of State, which has 9 American & about 65 local employees. The second agency is the Peace Corps, one block away.

Non-Immigrant Visa Applications:
If you want to obtain a non-immigrant (visitors) visa to visit the United States for pleasure, business, or education, read the instructions below.

All applicants must complete their application form (DS-156) online, print out the 3 pages, and bring the printed form to their visa interview. This form produces a barcode, which the Consular Section scans to enter information into its system, making data entry more efficient. Applicants who present forms that are printed on poor quality printers or have damaged barcodes will have to leave the embassy and reprint their forms on good quality paper with un-damaged barcodes before their interview.

Applicants 16 years and over also need to complete form DS-157 prior to their interview and bring this form with them. This form must be completed by hand.

All applicants must submit a Supplemental Family Form, which may also be completed by hand.

After printing the application form(s), applicants must go to Standard Chartered Bank (at the Traffic Light junction, Kololi, or Banjul branches) to pay the non-refundable visa application fee to make an appointment for an interview. The bank will provide applicants with an appointment slip which must be presented to the Embassy.

To reduce delays during security screening, applicants are advised against bringing mobile phones and other electronic devices to their interview this is because the embassy does not allow these items anywhere within the grounds and to think about leaving purses and bags outside as these items will be searched before entry is allowed.

In the event that applicants have any special, physical needs that will require additional assistance, please ask the bank to notify the consular section when making your appointment. Any person accompanying a special-needs applicants will also need to bring photo identification to enter the Consular Section.

Student Visas:
A student wishing to attend a university or other academic institution in the United States requires a student (F-1) visa; those wishing to attend a vocational or non-academic institution require an M-1 visa. Holders of visitor (B-2) visas and those who have entered the United States visa free under the Visa Waiver Program are prohibited from entering into full-time study.

US Green Card Lottery Application:
The Diversity Visa Lottery program offers immigrant visas to citizens of nations that have a normally low level of immigration to the United States. People who want to fill an application form for the Green Card lottery program must register online through the designated website ( during the registration period. Successful applicants can then live and work in the USA.

Online visa application forms are on their site below in an online format. The information above may not be correct or out of date. Please check directly with the mission below or at their office on Kairaba Avenue.

From the Website of:
Embassy of the United States: Banjul

Mission Opening Hours:
Registration and Inquiries:
From 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m - Monday to Thursday

Passport, Notarial and Special Consular Services: Services requiring a Consular Officer's assistance are available from Mondays to Thursdays from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.


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