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AMRC (Gambia)

Contact Address:

Asset Management &
Recovery Corporation

78/79 OAU Boulevard
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: 4228651 / 4202592
              4228080 / 4222448
Fax:     4226071

The Assets Management and Recovery Corporation (AMRC) deals in Gambian land sale tenders for re-possessed plots, houses, commercial buildings and other assets on behalf of the Government.

These take the form of development and commercial loans, Managed Fund Portfolios, forfeited real estate and financing via the Gambia Cooperative Union.

Said properties are offered for under the Statutory Power of Sale vested in aforementioned body by the mortgage deeds duty registered and / or the AMRC Act 1992.

Persons desiring to tender for properties should contact the Managing Director for inspection to be arranged.

Each tender must be enclosed in its own separate envelope, securely sealed and marked on the outside with the property or properties of your choice.

Potential buyers are advised to give a contact address (with street names and numbers) and a daytime telephone number.

The corporation reserves the right to reject any bid it considers unsuitable.


Please note that you should contact the AMRC of Gambia before making any decisions regarding buying land or other property as the above information is subject to change without notice, incomplete or out-of-date.


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