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Asia Gambia Development Enterprise

Contact Address:
Asia Gambia Development
Enterprise Company Limited

Banjul area Main shop
Mamadi Manjang Highway
Old Jeshwang
PO Box 269, Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 9801760   /   9801760
              7684509   /   3990017


The AGDE is  an importer of agricultural equipment and agro-chemicals into Gambia as well as the export of horticultural inputs overseas to the West Africa region.

Crop Seeds & Treatments

Electric Blue Water Pumps

Fertilizers, Spreaders & Pesticides


Fungicides (Copper)

Groundnut Shelling Machines


Insecticide Spraying Hand Pumps

Knapsack Sprayers

Motorised Tilling Machines
(Rotary & Disc harrows, Planters & Seed Drills)

Portable Backup Generators

Tractors for sale

 Food & Drink     Agricultural Suppliers

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