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British High Commission (Banjul)

Contact Address:
British High Commission


Greater Banjul area consular office
48-52 Atlantic Road (Boulevard)
Fajara M Section
P.O. Box 507, Banjul
Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 4494508 or 4495134
Fax:     4496134


Application For Visas:
This section of the British High Commission, Fajara, tries to provide an effective & timely service to all applicants. Their overriding objective is to issue entry permits quickly to genuine visitors, decide applications from those wishing to settle in the UK and to prevent the admission of those who are ineligible.

They presently receive over 8,200 visa applications for the UK each year. As a result, they have systems in place to ensure that each application is dealt with on its own strengths and in accordance with their service objective as stated above. Explanations of these systems, and information on all aspects of applying for an entry permit to the UK, are given on
their website.

Who Needs a Visa?:
You may need entry clearance to enter the United Kingdom if you are not either a citizen of Britain or the the European Economic Area. Individuals from certain countries, known as visa nationals, need an entry to enter. Certain other categories of travellers may need clearance only for some reasons: for example to live as the husband or  wife of a British citizen.
Entry clearance is the application process. The clearance certificate is put into your passport or travel document.

An immigration officer will decide if you qualify to enter. Clearance Officers work according to the requirements of the Immigration Rules.

If you have a valid permit you will not normally be refused admission unless your circumstances have changed, or you gave false information, presented false documentation or did not tell them crucial facts when you applied.

The endorsement tells the immigration officer at a UK port of arrival:

the purpose of your travel;

how long you can stay;

the latest date that you can enter;

Normally, you can enter and leave the United Kingdom as many times as you like during the validity of your permit.

All applications from Gambia are to be done online at  Customers must bring along a printed copy of the form and supporting documentation to their appointment at the commission in Fajara.

The only exceptions for the online process are for customers who are applying from Overseas Territories or Commonwealth countries.

The Government of the United Kingdom has introduced a system for student visa applications. It's called the Points Based System. Before filling in your form you will need to assess your application online in order to see if you qualify.

To be successful you need 40 points to pass. 30 points will be awarded for a Certificate of Acceptance for studies from a licensed sponsor which will be your UK university or college.

10 points will be given if you show that you have enough money for 1 year to cover your living expenses and tuition fees. The bank statement must be your own or in a joint account showing your name and must be an original, i.e. not a copy.

Mission Opening Hours:
(Visas Section)
By appointment only.

(Main Office)
Monday to Thursday: 8am-4pm
Friday 8am-1pm

(Consular Office)
Monday to Friday: 9am-12pm

Other Sections:
Consular Section

[Summarised From the site of:
British High Commission, Banjul[

The above information may be incorrect or out of date. Check all details with the mission first before making any travel arrangements.

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