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Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA)

Contact Address:


Banjul International Airport
Aeronautical Information Services HQ
Old Yundum
P.O. Box 285, Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 447 3000 (Ext 552 or 557)
Fax :             4472896 / 4472190


Telex: 2342 CAA BJL GV

The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) was established by the Government of The Gambia as an autonomous body in July 1991 (under the Public Enterprise Act of 1989) to give effect to the Chicago Convention and to monitor & regulate the aviation industry in The Gambia to acceptable International Standards.

In addition to its traditional role of regulating and managing the aviation industry for the facilitation of safe, regular and efficient air transportation in the Gambia, the GCAA is also entrusted with the management of Banjul International Airport (BIA) which includes among other things to ensure the provision and maintenance of the required infrastructure and facilities as per user demand.

The Authority took over the functions of the defunct Department of Civil Aviation of the Gambia and now enjoys the status of autonomous body like other public enterprises reporting to the Department of State for Works, Construction and Infrastructure through the Authority’s Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of the Authority is made up of 7 members consisting of appointed and Ex-officio Directors. The Ex-officio members of the Board are:

- Permanent Secretary, Department of State for Works, Construction and Infrastructure, (the line Department of State);

- Permanent Secretary, Department of State for Finance and Economic Affairs; and

- The Director General of the Authority.

Three of the remaining members are appointed by the President of the Republic of the Gambia on the recommendation of the Secretary of State for Works, Construction and Infrastructure in consultation with the Public Service Commission. The seventh member of the Board, who serves as the GCAA Staff Representative, is appointed through a secret ballot system every two years.

The management of the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority is headed by a Director General who is assisted by a Deputy Director General and six constituent Directors, each heading a department.

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