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Ministry of Petroleum & Energy (Gambia)

Contact Address:
Min. of Petroleum & Energy


Greater Banjul area office
Second floor, Futurelec Building
Bertil Harding Highway, Kotu
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 8905105 / 7453313 / 9867701 / 3479001
Fax:     446 6560


The Ministry of Energy was established 2007. It is responsible for the implementation of government policy in relation to electricity supply & distribution, water management, petroleum products and renewable energy in the growth areas such as tourism and hotels in Gambia.

The aims of the department, as enshrined in the Gambia's Vision 2020 development paper, is to maximise the efficient development and utilisation of limited energy resources to support economic development in an environmentally-friendly way to maintain the advances already gained via investment schemes.

To ensure the provision of adequate, reliable and affordable supplies of energy to Gambian households in a sustainable way to assist poverty reduction and economic development.

The department's overall objectives for the Energy sector are to:

Increase petroleum exploration in Gambia;

Improve and expand efficiently, existing energy supply systems through private sector partnership with the public sector;

Promote alternative domestic fuels and reduce heavy dependence on fuel wood;

Reduce the high dependence on imported oil products;

Increase Research and Development (R&D) in energy development;

Provide sufficient security of energy supply;

Introduce conservation measures in relation to energy consumption;

Increase reforestation and protection of forest resources;

Minimise environmental damage of energy supply through the encouragement of more environment-friendly energy supplies such as renewable energy and natural gas;

Setting up a suitable database for better planning and policy implementation;

Provide adequate security of energy supply to Banjul and the rest of The Gambia.


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