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Gambia Divestiture Agency (GDA)

Contact Address:
Gambia Divestiture Agency
Banjul area Head Office
80 OAU Boulevard
P. O. Box 391 Banjul
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: 4202530 
Fax:     4202533 


The Government of the Gambia has committed itself to implement a comprehensive divestiture programme for the public enterprise sector, the primary focus of which is to facilitate the structural transformation of Gambian enterprises to ensure their sustainable improvement and overall impact in the accelerated development of The Gambia.

To implement the programme, the Government has set up by an Act of the National Assembly, the Gambia Divestiture Agency (GDA Act 2001). The key mandate of the privatisation agency is to implement Government's divestiture programme and serve as the secretariat for the divestiture process.


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