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Euclid University (Gambia)

Pole Universitaire Euclide Contact Address:
Euclid University

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Banjul area Headquarters Office
Center Point, Brusubi Turntable
AU Highway, PO Box 1571 Banjul
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: (220) 715 5512 / Fax: 377 3464


EUCLID (Euclid University / Pτle Universitaire Euclide) is an intergovernmental organisation (IGO) established by intergovernmental agreement in 2008, registered and published in the United Nations Treaty Series. It is an educational partner of ECOWAS and ICCI, currently serving 12 participating states of which 8 are in continental Africa.
Holding a university charter under international law, EUCLID is also among the world's few intergovernmental universities and a full member of the Association of African Universities. It is listed among The Gambia's recognized institutions on the official web site of The Gambia National Commission for UNESCO.

The Gambia became a EUCLID participating state in 2012 and obtained the host country agreement which came into effect on the 24th of July 2013.

  Degree Programs:
N.B. Not all degree courses are available at any given time. Check with the university before making an application for enrollment.

* Master's Level:-

• Sustainable Development (MBASD, MSDD)

• Business Administration (MBAIF)

• Business Administration (MBAIO)

• Diplomacy and International Affairs (MDIA)

• Energy Studies (MNRJ)

• International Law (LLM)

• Inter-Religious Dialogue and Diplomacy, Theology (MIRD)

• Mediation and Conflict Resolution (MMCR)

• International Public Health & Emergency Management (MIPH, MIDEM)

* Post-Graduate / Doctoral Level:-

• Sustainable Development (DSDD)

• Diplomacy and International Affairs (DDIA)

• Inter-Religious Dialogue and Diplomacy; Theology (DIRD, ThD)

• Mediation and Conflict Resolution (DMCR)

The university in Gambia offers online distance learning degree courses with some campus site classes available at their HQ in Brusubi.
International Offices: 

• Europe
c/o Karim Ouedraogo
Rue Defacqz, 78
1060 Bruxelles / Brussels
Belgium / Belgique

Tel no: +32 4 75 79 44 04
Fax:     +32 7 06 56 60

• Americas
Liaison Office to the Permanent Missions in New York and Washington DC
1250 24th St. NW #300
Washington DC 20037

Tel no: +1 202 263-3628
Fax:     +1 202 466-0502

• Central Africa
EUCLID ΰ la Primature
Primature Tour Petroca, #519
BP 157
Central African Republic
Tel no: +236 21 61 59 23

Opening Hours (Greater Banjul):
Monday to Thursday 1000 – 1600
Friday 1000 – 1200

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