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Gambia Competition Commission

GCC Website Contact Address:
Gambia Competition


Banjul area Head Office
36 Kotu East, Kmc, Ksmd
(Off Bertil Harding Highway)
PO Box 3299, SerrekundaCompetition Act  2007
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 4466792 / 4466793
Fax:     4466791


The (GCC) Gambia Competition Commission was established on the 27th October 2008 under the oversight of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The GCC is the statutory Government authority responsible for overseeing the fair provision of goods and services by ensuring that all businesses adhere to the Gambia's Competition Act of 2007. The act aims to promote fair business competition and spells out prohibited business practices in order to provide guidance to firms, their legal advisors and consultants.

The statute also gives explanations to the kinds of queries that individuals might make about the Competition Commission and the Act.

Some of the restrictive practices that the body aims to protect Gambian consumers from are monopolies, collusive agreements, cartels, restrictive practices, bid rigging, price fixing etc., all in order to ensure a free trade of goods and services in the various markets. The GCC also deals with whistleblowers, mergers and acquisitions, applications for leniency and provides a public procurement manual and plan.

The Gambia Competition Commission has a Legal Division which can address and explain any of the provisions of law.

To investigate cases that come inside the provisions of section 29 to 32 of the Act.

To decide on & set penalties or apt remedies to ensure firms adhere to the clauses as described under prohibited restrictive practices and check for compliance.

Advising Government & other public bodies on any public sector decisions that may have an adverse effect on competition.

To make inquires into possible breaches of the prohibition of restrictive agreements covered by the provisions of sections 25 and 26 of the Act.

To promote for greater competition in The Republic of The Gambia.

To authorise the gathering of information required for the assessment of cases.

To carry out studies on the efficacy of competition in sectors of the economy.

To carry out meetings with stakeholders or other interested persons.

Complaints Procedure of the GCC:
Anyone can submit information on an allegation of a violation of a prohibited business practice to the Gambia Competition Commission by filling in a specially devised complaint form to the Commission via the Secretariat, addressed to the Executive Secretary. When such a complaint is received, investigation of the complaint will be carried out in due course.

Once a complaint is received, the commission may publish a notice in the media and/or the Government Gazette, welcoming any person who thinks the alleged practice has affected, or is affecting, a material interest of that person to file a complaint about the issue to their office.

The required information that must be submitted on their prescribed form are:
Your name as the complainant.

The name of the party being complained of.

A short description of the alleged breach of the Act, stating whether the activity is still being carried out, or when the breach stopped.

A written submission going into the details of the complainant's cause for complaint, how it came about, the parties concerned, pertinent dates and other relevant information.

Forms can be downloaded from
HERE. Note: The GCC's procedures, policies and guidelines could be subjected to change from time to time so you must check with them first before making a formal complaint of any kind.
[From their website as at 20 September, 2013]
Gambia Competition Commission:
"The Act prohibits the disclosure by a person with respect to a particular business or the affairs of an individual that has been obtained under or by virtue of a provision of the Act while the business continues to be carried on or during the lifetime of the individual.

A person who provides false or misleading information knowingly or recklessly in circumstances in which the person providing the information intends, or could reasonably be expected to know, that the information would be used by the Commission to exercise a function under this Act will be liable to prosecution."

Structure of the GCC:
The Gambia Competition Commission is an authority which was set up by legal statute and is composed of 5 presidentially appointed commissioners who sit on a board and are headed by a Chairman or Chairwoman.

Below them is the GCC's Executive Secretary who is aided by a Personal Assistant. Under this post you have the Director of Legal Services & Compliance who is assisted by a Legal Officer, the Director of Economic Analysis, the Director of Investigations, Director of Corporate Services and the Director of Policy and Research. They are assisted by an economist and two investigators.

Under the Corporate Services Directorate are an accountant, receptionist, IT specialist, Records Officer, Admin / Finance Officer, Procurement Officer, 7 support staff and a secretary.

To get to the official regulator's GCC headquarters turn off the Senegambia Highway at Kotu East.

The information on this above page should not be relied on for any information whatsoever and does not constitute legal advice or guidance on any matter whatsoever. You should visit the Gambia Competition Commission's official website and their main office in Kotu for any information of any kind that you seek.

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