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Global Harvest College

Contact Address:
Global Harvest College
Banjulinding Village
P.O. Box 4440 Bakau
West Coast Region
Kanifing Municipality, Kombo, Ksmd
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 7386803 / 8906336


The Global Harvest College is a tertiary educational institution in Gambia situated in the semi-rural village of Banjulinding. It was established early this century in the year 2000 and functioned as an officially accredited skills centre. Since then the GHC has since become a fully functioning higher education college.

It is registered and accredited with the National Training Authority (NTA) and was licensed to act as a training school in January 2011. It began classes in March of that same year.

GHC aims to provide skilled personnel by offering  relevant vocational courses and qualifications that meet the requirements of the economy. It aims to attract and enrol students from the surrounding communities as well as making available learning resources in a conducive and quiet environment. To encourage learning it offers scholarships to the people of Banjulinding each year.

Global Harvest College accepts people of all ages and it also offers adult numeracy and reading skills for mature students who wish to increase their skills set, to enhance their productivity and opportunities for finding gainful employment. This course is also intended for people who may have missed out on formal education or dropped out early and wish to get themselves into the educational system. Such students are advised to enrol on the Basic Functional Skills course as a first step to advancing to higher levels of learning.

Students who have already acquired basic and more advanced skills are put into the diploma or certificate level courses.

It is hoped that all Gambian students who have graduated have at least gained the General Certificate level of education in numeracy and reading English language.

GHC has 4 faculties i.e. Business Administration, Functional Skills, Fashion & Design & Information Technology with modules for diplomas and certificate levels.

Adult Literacy
The 3 month certificate course is available for people who want to develop proficient reading and writing skills. Lessons are taught in the students' native tongue and there is on-going assessments until the final exams.

Advanced Information Technology
The 3 month IT certificate course is the final module in the series and pupils will learn various applications from the Microsoft Office software package such as Microsoft Word / MS Excel & Access Database. Students are required provide for themselves a 1GB USB Flash drive, recordable DVDs, pens, a course manual and notebooks.

Basic Information Technology
This is a 12 week foundation certificate course which introduces students to using the PC, working with spreadsheets and word processing. Students must meet the minimum requirement of grade 12 with credit passes in mathematics and the English language.

Basic Mathematics
This module, which last from 3 to 9 months, allows you to learn numeracy skills which you can use in the real world with the choice of sitting for the WASSCE "O" levels examinations or the National Training Authority GSQ (Gambia Skills Qualifications) exams. There is a minimum age requirement of 16 years of age.

Basic Sewing Skills
The 12 week dressmaking certificate level course is for the completely new beginner where classroom attendees will learn how to use a sewing machine, the basic skills of dressmaking and sewing by hand. It is open to both men and women.

As a requirement every student must provide the following materials: a thimble, 3 metres of elastic fabric, a packet of pins, 1 reel of white elastic thread, two pairs of scissors (paper & fabric), a box of 6 sewing bobbin threads including 1 white & 1 black and finally fabrics (i) 2m plain (original) poplin (ii) 1m Samba Koka fabric, (iii) 3m coloured flannel.

Fashion & Design
The 2 year certificate level course assists pupils to learn the principles of clothes designing, enhance their knowledge and has a business management module to  help students gain skills for operating their own enterprises. An internship will be embarked upon during your studies.

Functional English
The 3 to 9 month course offers lessons in gaining competence and proficiency in the English language to enable improved communications skills. There is the option to sit for the the WASSCE "O" levels and NTA GSQ exams.

Intermediate Information Technology
The 3 month certificate course is the second IT course which offers an introduction to Information Technology in subjects such as spreadsheets, word processing and database creation. The minimum requirements are that students must be 16 years or older, have passed the math & English courses or have a grade 12 with a credit pass in both subjects and have passed the basic IT module.

The aim of the course is to develop students able to create quality tailored garments through the use of quality sewing equipment, knowledge of various fabrics and knowledge of sewing, cutting and pattern making skills.

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