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Jewel of India Restaurant (Kololi & Kotu)

Contact Address:
Jewel of India Restaurant
Senegambia Strip
Kololi, Banjul area
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 4460340 / 1 (reservations)
Mob:    9960340


Also at Kotu Strand, Bendula Craft Market

Mouthwatering, tasty and appetizing  are just three of the words to describe the gastronomic feast that is served here.  The Saturday night buffet at the Jewel of India starts at 7 PM, is just right, should you want a taste of truly authentic north Indian cuisine!

It is an exciting mix of varied spices, with pleasant aromas. Try their Punjabi "tandoori" cooking which uses a large earthen oven which is half-sunk into the ground and well heated with a coal fire underneath.

Menu Overview:
North Indian food. Tandoori chicken, lamb, chicken Tikka Masahla, Reshmi / Boti Kebabs,  beef and seafood curries and chicken Biryani.

There are actually 2 restaurants. The first can be found on the Senegambia strip and the other is at Kotu Strand near the beach entrance.
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