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Banjul Breweries Gambia Ltd. (Julbrew)

Contact Address:
Banjul Breweries Co Ltd
Head Office & Factory
Kanifing Industrial Estate
PO Box 830, Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 439 2626 
                       439 2566 
                       439 1863 
                       439 1864 

Fax:               439 2266


The lager Julbrew is brewed by Banjul Breweries Ltd., The Gambia’s only brewery. One of the oldest companies in The Gambia, it sells four varieties of Julbrew beer, each with different alcohol content and corresponding symbols on the label.

(Note that Julbrew Strong is a seasonal beer, produced only during the festive Christmas season). The export beer is darker and stronger than the regular which is sold wholesale locally and exported to the alcoholic drinks market in West Africa.

Their bottling factory, located near Westfield Junction at Kanifing, offers free tours—call to make arrangements. Banjul Breweries Ltd. also makes non-alcoholic beverages under the name Julpearl. The drinks company also bottle and sell the pricier Guinness. Banjul Breweries have won the Monde Selection, Brussels, Gold Award at least 4 times: 1979, 1987, 1990 & 1999.

Made and bottled by the makers of Julbrew, provides a variety of non-alcoholic soft drinks: Vimto (berry-flavoured, like a popsicle from childhood), Malta, Vitamalt, Bitter Lemon, Cocktail des Fruits (citrus-flavoured punch), tonic water, and soda water.

The company started construction of its bottling plant in 1975 and began producing the Gambia's only locally produced beer in 1977. The largest shareholders are the Hamburg based companies DAH and Brauhaase International Management GMBH. The minority shares are owned the the Government of Gambia.

Overseas Shareholders:
DAH Deutsch
Amerikanische Handelsgesellschaft
(Major stakeholders)
Holländischer Brook 2
D-20457 Hamburg
Tel no: +49 40 229 34 01
Fax:     +49 40 227 36 78

Alcohol content
Julbrew Regular
kingfisher bird
Julbrew Export
Julbrew Strong
Julbrew Very Strong

Bottles come in 330 ml or 280 ml

Employees: 110
Production capacity: 50.000 Hektolitern
Production output: 35,000 Hektolitern
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