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Kabisa Boutique

Contact Address:
Kabisa Unisex Couture Boutique
134 Kairaba Avenue
Fajara M Section
Banjul area, ksmd
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 991 1162


Kabisa Boutique on the Pipeline Road,  is a shop retailer and exporter of various types of linen and hand-woven, fabric clothing designs. It is one of the leading fashion houses in Gambia.

Numerous international buyers come to Gambia from other countries in Africa specifically to buy Mam Secka's women's clothes for re-sale in their own countries. These include Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.

The clothes are manufactured using the latest sewing machines, embroidery and intricate stitching techniques.

Bakau New Town
Garba Jahumpa Road

Heading towards the Atlantic coast it is located just before the Atlas Station on your right hand side.

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