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Ministry of Lands & Regional Government

MOLGL Contact Address:
Min. of Local Government
& Lands


MOLGL Banjul capital office
New Administrative Building
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no:  4226292
             4227315 (Permanent Secretary)
             4201427  /  4201416
Fax:      4225261


Background Information:
The MOLGL is the main agency for local government planning and land development in the Gambia. Property sales are approved at the physical planning department.

  Mission Statement:
謬o achieve equitable and efficient distribution of state land resources for Gambia;

付o make sure that land use plans and maps accessible countrywide;

付o ensure production of a development systems and control policy;

付o ensure properly structured LGA administrative systems and effective local government;

付o ensure access to development resources by the people to facilitate socioeconomic development for poverty reduction;

付o improve the capacities of local organisations and other groups safeguard sustainable development.

Land Administration:
The Lands Commission whose Secretariat is the Department of Lands and Surveys which is a department under the MOLGL is responsible for land administration.

Lands Commission Act, 2007:

"14. The Commission shall

a) Advise the Secretary of State on policy matters relating to land administration to ensure strict adherence to those policies and transparency in land allocations;

b) Investigate disputes on land ownership and occupation in any area in The Gambia;

c) Assess land rent and premium for properties within any area in The Gambia;

d) Monitor the registration of properties and inspect land registries and records;

e) Be responsible for all matters relating to national boundaries, including monitoring and reporting to the Secretary of State;"


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