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Gambia National Aids Secretariat

NAS Contact Address:
National Aids Secretariat


Banjul area head office
FIB House, Kairaba Avenue
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel. no:  4377737
                4395875 / 4395895
Fax:       4395834


Background Information:
In 2000 The Gambia signed a loan agreement worth $15 million from the World Bank for the carrying out of an HIV / AIDS Rapid Response Project (HARRP). This project came into force in 2001 and is focused on increasing the national response to the disease.

As part of the structure of the project a National AIDS Council (NAC) and National AIDS Secretariat (NAS) have been established under the Office of the President.

Under the funding of this project, the Government will implement pre-emptive responses to tackle the issues related to HIV/AIDS through its relevant Departments of State, civil organisations and the general population. HARRP is, therefore, seen as a multi-component response to HIV / AIDS by:

maintaining the current low levels of the epidemic;

reducing its spread and mitigating its effects; and

increasing access to prevention services as well as care and support for those infected and affected by the disease.

It is comprised of a team of specialists, including a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. The NAS reports directly to the NAC.

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