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National Training Authority (NTA)

Contact Address:

National Training Authority

98 Kairaba Avenue
Fajara M Section
P.O. Box 1087, Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa
Tel no:  4370518 or 4371799
Fax no: 4370548 or 4370526


The Gambia like other developing nations understood the need to support its national development process through the creation of a Skills Development Strategy. As a result 1998, the Department of State for Education (DOSE) supported by the European Development Fund under the 3rd Education Project, developed a Private Sector led Skills Development Policy to Reform TVET in the Gambia.

The development of the policy led to the National Training Authority Act of 2002. The Authority supported by a subvention and a Levy started operations in 2003 to create an enabling environment for Reforms to TVET to be financed by the European Development Fund under the Support to Education Sector Project (SESP).

The Reforms were supported by four EU Technical Experts in the fields of Standards and Qualifications Development, Labour Market Information Systems and Capacity Building for a period of ten (10) months.

The Gambia Skills Qualifications Framework (GSQF) was developed and launched together with 30 skills standards and qualifications in four priority fields plus several other Key Skills namely:

Agriculture (Horticulture)

Hospitality (Customer Care and Food Hygiene and Safety)

Construction (Domestic House Wiring)

Engineering (Motor Mechanic)

Key Skills (Literacy; Numeracy; ICT (User); English Communications; Work skills and Life Skills)

The GSQF taking cognisance of the high level of illiteracy in the Gambia with equally high participation of the informal sector in the economy, focused on a two tier system that caters for both the literate (normal route) and the non-literate (practical route). These are unique to only the GSQF and are being complimented by Key Skills at the Foundation Level open to all and sundry.

The GSQF is being supported by the:

Development of a Quality Assurance (QA) Process for Registration and Accreditation.

The instrument has been validated and its regulations are being reviewed by the Department of State for Justice.

Development of Standards and Qualifications in four (4) pilot sectors of the economy.

As mentioned above additional standards and qualifications are being developed in the existing four (4) fields with new fields being identified by the Labour Market study and industry.

Creation of an Assessment and Certification system together with the Private Sector as key players.

Assessment and Certification processes and procedures are currently being developed and as competency based training are new to the Gambia, the pilot phase will be utilised to ensure a thorough understanding of the system. Key stakeholders of high repute are involved in the process.

Creation of Policies on Apprenticeship; Attachment; Information and Communication; ICT; Human Resource etc

The Apprenticeship policy is linked to the GamJobs initiative under Department of State for Trade, Industry and Employment (DoSTIE).

Attachment forms a crucial part of the trainees training programme conducted nationally (together with industry trainees are exposed to the world-of-work). Trainees who undertake attachment are usually in their first year and are required to return to their various institutions at the end of the period.

Information and Communication is central to the NTA activities. The policy developed in this regard is geared towards producing informative materials for national and international awareness campaigns, networking, benchmarking and references.

Vision & Mission Statement:
The National Training Authority is committed to expand and strengthen TVET opportunities oriented towards meeting the present and future demands of industry, the public and private sector.

To provide a trained, skilled, self-reliant and enterprising labour force that reflects the demand of The Labour Market.

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