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Radville Farms Gambia Co. Ltd.

Contact Address:
Radville Farms Gambia Co. Ltd.
Banjul area head office
Nemakunku Village
PO Box 2276 Serrekunda
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 439 4232 (Old Yundum)
                       4495717 (Bakau shop/office)
                       447 2388 (Banjul Airport)

Fax:              572 0254


Radville Farms Limited was founded in 1985 as a private limited company with large agricultural plantations at Nema Kunku & Toubakuta.

It has other offices and stations at Brikama, and Yundum.

The company is the largest exporter of crops in the Gambia, it accounts for 75% of exports & cultivates 300 hectares of vegetables & fruits.

The company exports 1,500 tonnes of vegetables and around 700 tonnes of mangoes yearly. Other crops include okra, French beans, citrus fruits and butternut squash. Almost 50 percent of the 300 hectares cultivated are devoted to organic farming, which is increasingly more attractive to foreign buyers. 

The firm is a subsidiary of U.K. based Wealmoor, to which it exports its entire harvest. It grows most of its own crops, though occasionally sub-contracts its requirements out locally. Radville has its own agricultural processing plant and cold storage facilities at Yundum Airport, where produce is checked, wrapped and boxed  before freighting to the UK. The agribusiness is largely able to get around the challenges of freight space, in part by chartering its own cargo aircraft through Wilmoor's in-house freight airline, and through passenger flights.

Farming Methods:
Radville Farms allows its land to go fallow over the rainy season and they sow Macuna perens as a green manure. They use drip irrigation so weeds aren't too much of a nuisance, and the compost is top-dressed on a few occasions during cropping, which assists in keeping the number of weeds to a minimum. Concentrated liquid garlic is added to the water and sprayed to deter insect pests, especially nematodes.
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