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Romar Farms Gambia Company Limited

Contact Address:
Romar Farms Gambia Ltd
Kunkujang Jatta Village (Kakudia)
Kombo North
Western Region
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 3595503
Tel no: +220 3595516 / 3359050

Romar Farms Ltd. is a well established poultry farm which is engaged in egg production and is located between settlements of Kachuma and N'Yofelleh in Kombo North.

They currently produce just eggs for wholesale distribution to supermarkets, caterers and hotels within the Greater Banjul area, as well as for general retail consumption. All their output is packed in cardboard egg trays which are stacked 5 high prior to delivery.

Their business plans now involves entering the rearing of young chickens for slaughter and general distribution.

They have other chicken breeding and egg incubating stations in Wulingkama and Kerewan (near the Miniminiyang Bolong).

 Food & Drink     Agricultural Suppliers
Poultry Farms

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