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Royal Danish Consulate (Banjul)

Contact Address:
Honorary Consul for Denmark
Honorary Consul Office
Albert van Rensburg
C/o Maersk Gambia Limited
80 OAU Boulevard
P.O. Box 1399 Banjul, The Gambia

Tel no:  +220 422 4450       Visa Rules
Tel no:  +220 739 4399
Fax no: +220 422 4025


The office is situated in the heart of the capital in the commercial district near to Half-Die ports section. There services include visa application, residence permit application, and services for Danish citizens.

Visa applications are processed in direct cooperation between the Danish Immigration Service in Copenhagen and Danish missions abroad. Visa applications should be filed at a Danish mission abroad like all Embassies and certain consulates. The abbreviation “vis” mentioned under contact details in the list of Danish Diplomatic and Consular Posts indicates that the mission is authorised to issue visas.


Danish Visa Rules:
If you wish to travel to Denmark, you should inquire whether you will need a visa. In the affirmative, make sure to file an application in due time.

A visa is issued for the purpose of a short stay (less than 3 months) in Denmark and other Schengen countries. Employment is not permitted during the stay covered by the visa.

Foreign citizens who are exempted from basic visa requirements can stay, but not work, in the Schengen region up to 3 months.

Residence and Work Permits
For sojourns longer than 3 months as well as stays in connection with studies or employment, including work as au pair, a residence and/or work permit is required. However, special rules apply to citizens from the Nordic Countries, the EU Member States as well as Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Further information
Detailed information about the Danish visa rules, foreign nationals who need visas as well as rules governing residence and work permits in Denmark can be obtained from the website of the Danish Immigration Service.

Honorary consulates are NOT authorised to issue visas. Certain honorary consulates with special authorisation may, however, receive applications and forward them to the supervising Danish Embassy. The abbreviation “postvis” mentioned under contact details in the list of Danish Diplomatic and Consular Posts indicates that the consulate is authorised to receive visa applications. In such cases, if a visa is granted, you must contact the Embassy in person in order to have your visa issued at a later stage.

If it is more convenient for you, it may also be arranged that the authorisation to issue a visa is sent to another Danish mission on your route to Denmark.

You may apply for a visa at any authorised Danish mission in a country where you are staying legally on a permanent or temporary basis.

For certain countries Denmark has entered into an agreement with another Schengen country about the handling of visa applications on behalf of Denmark. As a rule these agreements only cover applications for short stay visa. A list of cities where other Schengen countries are representing Denmark may be downloaded from some official government websites.

Mission Opening Hours:
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday from
10 am to 12 noon

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