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Rue Chicken Company Gambia Limited

Contact Address:

Rue Chicken Gambia Ltd

Banjul area Head Office
Unit 103
Gambia Electrical House
Kairaba Avenue
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220  9969969 / 3969969
Tel no: +220  3650201 / 3747641


Rue Chicken poultry farm, which was established in Banjul in 2008, is a company that   breeds chickens for egg production and for sale in frozen or fresh form.

The poultry breeding firm uses modern-day, artificially heated incubators to produce chick hatchlings as well as a hygienic abattoir for the production of meat and a packing and handling unit for crating into cardboard boxes.

The facility is operated in line with the 7 HACCP principles which is a food safety standard used in the food processing industry. It also meets the European Union's hygiene  standards for meat production which allows it to export.



Chicken Food

Chicken Parts (Legs, wings, thighs)

Farm Location:
Latriya Village

Banjul Outlets:
Serrekunda Market, Stall number 395
Bakau Market
Kairaba Avenue behind Ayoub Furnitures
Rosamond Trading, Serrekunda

Jewru Touray
Tel: 9747641 / 3747641


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