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Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (Banjul)

Contact Address:


RVTH Banjul capital
Independence Drive
PO Box 1515 Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no:  +220 4228223  /  4228224
Tel no:  +220 4228225  /  4228226
Tel no:  +220 4226152
Fax no: +220 4225832


The RVTH ( Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital) was built in 1853 by the British Government, who also provided funds for a substantial improvement in facilities and subsequently handed it over to the Gambian Government.

This financing provided many of the buildings that make up the teaching hospital today.

Formerly known as the RVH the RTVH is a 650-bedded tertiary hospital based in the capital, Banjul. It is the leading referral hospital in The Gambia and has recently become a Teaching Hospital to train Gambians to become doctors.

In the late 1990s, The Gambian Government decided that it had to reduce its dependency on foreign doctors by establishing a medical school in the University of The Gambia. The UTG uses RVTH to teach its clinical students.

Daily it treats an average of nearly 650 patients a day.

The hospital is financed by the Government through its subvention scheme however, this is regularly found to be insufficient to fund all its services. To ease the financing difficulties a number of donors make gifts of cash and equipment to the hospital. Some donors have regularly helped the Banjul.

Medical Departments:
Internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, and obstetrics / gynaecology as well as related units situated within the grounds are:  orthopaedics; radiology;  pathology;  laparoscopic gynaecology, ear, nose, and throat and a department of clinical and laboratory research.
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