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Takaful Gambia Limited (Islamic Insurance)

Contact Address:
Takaful Gambia  Company Ltd
Banjul capital Head Office
71 Dobson Street
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 4229824 / 4229820
Fax:     4229823


Takaful Gambia Ltd. is an Islamic insurance company which began in Banjul in December, 2007. It is based on the principle "al-Mudarabah" or profit sharing contract.

This system of Islamic Insurance is based on the concept of "Takaful" which translated means "joint guarantee".

With this in mind policy holders of TGL will be entitled to earn revenue on the premium in consideration for their use of TGL's products subject to the announcement of profit.

Their policies include Banca Takaful, fire, travel, personal accident, marine, medical and general car insurance policies that cover most liabilities.

Membership is open to all individuals irrespective of their religious beliefs.

All investment choices and operational issues are supervised by a Sharia Advisory Council in Gambia.

Takaful Insurance Policies:
* Note: Life assurance is not covered.

Takaful has a broad selection of insurance policies tailored to individual risks and allied perils which you may face in The Gambia. It is of great importance to them that each policy is suited to individual requirements.

Policy Type   Policy Cover
Advance Payment Bond
Advance Payment Loss
Banca Takaful
Loans (unemployment, death)
Property Burglary (Business/Private)
Breaking in theft.
Cash In Transit
Loss / theft of money during transportation
Employer's Fidelity Guarantee
Employee crime/embezzlement
Employer's Liability
Employee accident/injury
General Fire Insurance
Property damage, personal injury
Goods In-Transit
Goods In Transit (damages/losses)
Personal Accident Group
Group death / harm
Marine Freight
Maritime cargo loss or damage
Medical (illness/injury)
Car Insurance (Third party / comprehensive)
Motor damage / public injury)
Performance Bond
Personal Accident
Physical injury
Public Liability
Public physical injury
Travel Insurance
Sickness / loss of luggage

Claims Procedure:
It is the aim of Takaful to settle genuine claims in a timely manner however, prior to making any claim it is strongly recommended that you read fully and comprehend the small print on your policy. This is because there are important exclusion clauses and extras regarding the risk you are insuring against. This should be made clear to you when you first apply so if not then you should ask questions pertaining to the relevant policy.

Costs & Premiums Policy:
Takaful Gambia Limited has a policy of not attempting to compete in the insurance market by price cutting. This is to ensure that the firm has sufficient funds to meet any genuine claim.

Details of Takaful:
Fundamental elements of the Takaful Islamic insurance system in order to ensure they are Sharia compliant are:

General Takaful Fund: This is comprised of the individual premiums made by the policy holder minus 20% to the company to cover costs and fees plus, if any, investment profit made during the term.

Sharing of Profits: Payments of under 20%, minus costs, minus claims, plus investment income, less the obligatory Zakat (charity payments) equals profit (20% Takaful Ltd.'s portion, 80% policy holder's share).

Participant: businesses or private people who contribute to the Takaful insurance fund.

Premium: Money paid by participants into the Fund.
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