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Top Shop Gambia

Contact Address:
Top-Shop Gambia
Senegambia Hotel
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel. no. +220 9989171 


"The TOP-SHOP in The Gambia has existed since 1985. To prevent any upcoming confusion, we have nothing to do with the famous British TOP SHOP.

We offer a wide range of African arts and crafts from the whole region of West-Africa, items of our own production, like beaded jewelry, bags, garments and T-Shirts, as well as selected jewelry and gift items from other parts of the world.

Our prices are set reasonably and as they are fixed, you can save your energy not having to barter.

If you like peaceful shopping or just browsing around in a quiet atmosphere, you will certainly enjoy a visit in TOP-SHOP.

Our shops are located in Senegambia Beach Hotel (Kololi), Kombo Beach Hotel, Bungalow Beach Hotel (Kotu) and Ocean Bay Hotel (Cape Point). During the tourist season all of the shops are open 7 days a week from morning to evening, except for the one in Bungalow Beach, which is open until 6pm from Monday until Saturday.

In Senegambia Beach Hotel we also run a gallery with paintings by local Gambian artists. All reasonably priced and for your convenience we offer to pack any purchased painting (and also larger carvings) so you can take them home with you without risking any damage on the flight. The Gallery is open every day and it is located on the 1st floor above the reception.

If you would like to meet an artist at work, you are welcome to visit "The Painter's Place" in Kololi. Abdou Karim Ba works and exhibits his works in a nice garden setting.

We hope to see you in The Gambia and we are sure you will not regret it."

Opening Hours:
7 days a week - morning to evening
Bungalow Beach Hotel branch
Open till 6pm - Monday until Saturday

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