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Vinasha Productions Limited

Contact Address:
Vinasha Productions
Gambia Co. Ltd.

56 Sait Matty Road
(Near African Village)
PO BOX 911 Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 4495 189
            8860 208

Fax:     4495 189

Vinasha Productions Limited is an independent film producer and media consultancy company. It describes  itself as the "Birthplace of Gambian Cinema" in the country's nascent movie industry. This is to a large extent true as they have had over 10 years of local broadcasting production with numerous credits to their name. However, much of that production is in the form of videos for the retail market. This is due to the dearth of cinemas in The Gambia.

The company is also among the leading media consultants, planning, purchasing and advertising agencies, and continues to provide Total Media Solutions to major institutions in The Gambia. Some of these organisations are Standard Chartered Bank, Gamtel, Gamstar Insurance, Shell, Concern Universal, Punjabi Trading and Trust Bank Ltd., to name but a few.

In 2007 they signed a 2-year broadcast contract with GRTS.

Among their catalogue are:-

the mini series "Banjul Cops: Chasing Manhood" 2003 starring the crime-fighting duo of Modou Musa Ceesay and Babette Lind. The film was The Gambia’s first ever TV detective series.

"Arrou" Prevention - starring: Modou Musa Ceesay, Awa Gassama, Alagie Saihou Saar, Habibatou Jallow.

"Amm Sahout" Nothing Lasts Forever - starring Modou Musa Ceesay, Awa Gassama and Mamie Jeng.

"Teey" Calm

"Lou Waay Def" Whatever One Does

"Gambia Beat"

"Sounds of the Smiling Coast"

"Battle of Sankandi" - Period drama based on a true story

The film "Arrou", above, was the Winner of the 1996 African Movie Academy "Best Contribution to African Film and TV Development".

In 2006 the consultancy firm won the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)  for the Best Contribution to Film Development held in Nigeria.

Vinasha Productions continues to develop, produce and co-produce a number of exciting Film, TV and Audio Visual projects in Gambia.

• Campaign Management
• Corporate Videos
• Digital Post Production
• Digital Video Production
• Documentaries
• DVD Authoring & Copying
• Field Production
• Film Dramatizations
• Media Planning & Buying
• Radio Advertising
• Script Consultancy
• Sound Track Production
• Training Videos
• TV Commercials

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