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West African Pranic Healing Foundation

Contact Address:
West African Pranic
Healing Foundation

Banjul Centre,
Kairaba Avenue
The Gambia

Tel no: +220 7564196


Pranic healing is an alternative, all over body and mind therapy treatment using the ancient technique of utilizing invisible 'life-force Prana energy.

The 'cure' process involves removing bad energies and radiating revitalized energy to the affected area of the body via localised energy centres known as Charkas. The process does not require drugs, equipment or even physical contact with the patient.

A popular treatment for the mind includes the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Super Brain Technique for improved mental powers and concentration by using the human aura, or bioplasmic energy. This is carried out using the technique of ear acupuncture and the gentle application of Prana energy.

Other Therapies:
  Arhatic Yoga

  Feng Shui


  Pranic Psychotherapy

  Psychic Self Defense

  Teachers Training Course

In Gambia there are no guarantees of any Pranic Healing claims. It is not meant to replace orthodox medicine but is intended as a complementary therapy. Always visit your fully qualified medical practitioner first.

Health Services      Alternative Medicine

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