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West African Aquaculture Gambia Co. Ltd

Contact Address:
West African Aquaculture
PO Box 532 Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no:  +220 44 66 959 
Fax:               44 65 959


WWA company was created back in the year 2000 and is engaged primarily in the fish farming of Black Tiger Prawns which are known for their firm white texture.

The water is supplied directly from the Atlantic Ocean which thus produces quality prawns for export. This was the Gambia's initial foray into the aquaculture sub-sector.

High standards of quality control are maintained throughout the antibiotic free rearing process from hatching to maturation to supply which is in line with HACCP guidelines.

The company processes and packs according to your specifications. The crustacean are boxed and blast frozen in line with EU standards and the processing plant is EU certified, GAM/FPE/08/04.

Freight - Sea and Air:
Due to their perishable nature fresh prawns are sent by plane to  Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, London Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow. While frozen the frozen product is sent by sea container to the major European ports.

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