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Yellowgate Studios Gambia Co. Ltd.

Contact Address:
Yellowgate Music Studios
PO Box 2647, Serrekunda
(Off Kairaba Av.
Fajara F Section)
Banjul area
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no:  4392728
Fax:      4391010

Yellowgate is an independent, audio recording sound production studio. It is owned and operated by Elie Nachif, himself an artist and producer. The company was established in 1993 and has since grown into the leading commercial recording studio in The Gambia working with a range of different artists, groups and music fields.

Professional Music Services:
Creating the Lyrics and melody for your album or single release.

The Music:
Instrumentation - The kind of instruments you would like to accompany the song that you sing.

The order of appearance and variety of the instrumentation and the characteristics of the song e.g. verses, chorusing, etc.

Getting your instrumentation and voice on to some form of storage and retrieving device. (multi-track recorders, DAT or ADAT machines, Samplers etc.)

Sound engineering:
'Treating' and 'spicing up' your recording. (adding and mixing, subtracting and balancing and enhancing of sound and sound effects to make your final product as irresistible as you can).

Transferring or writing a quality copy of all the recording that has been done into some storage and playback format i.e. Cassette tape, CD, DAT or ADAT, Compact disk or Minidisk.

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