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Ministry of Youth & Sports

MOYS Contact Address:
Ministry of Youth & Sports


MOYS Banjul capital office
The Quadrangle building
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: 4496386 (Assist. Director)
              4496385 (Director - Bakau)
              4222090 (Secretary)
Fax:     422 5267


National Youth Council: Tel: 4225265 / 4225266

Background Information:
The Ministry of Youth & Sports (MOYS) in Gambia is responsible for meeting policy issues as well as co-operating with donor agencies for the youth development programs.

i) Technical
It supervises the groundwork and implementation of all youth programs and related activities and enables the monitoring and assessment of these programs through its coordinators in all Government Departments and Regions.

It is also responsible for creating partnerships with other related sectors involved youth activities.

ii) National Youth Council
The council is responsible for coordinating the different projects operated by various youth organisations as well as playing an active role in their promotion around the country.

HIV/AIDS Youth Policy:
The Ministry of Youth & Sports has a program set in place to tackle the issue of AIDS among the youth population. The policy highlights the issue as being a major challenge that needs to be tackled throughout the policy implementation. This is carried out through the National Network of Youth on Population and Reproductive Health with the assistance of NGOs such as UNICEF and UNFPA.

The policy is primarily aimed at those aged between 13-30 years of age with special focus on those who are currently infected or disadvantaged by the disease.

To enable the youth of the Gambia to talk about their personal experiences with their peers through training, counselling and advocacy. This will include One of the components of the plan is the promotion of dialogue between young people living with the Aids/HIV virus and their communities and to make sure they monitor their health requirement in relation to the virus.

The implementation plan will generally cover the HIV/Aids Rapid Response Project  (HARP).

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