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Alhajie Bubacarr Badgie (artist)

Background & Biography:
The painter, Alhajie (aka Alagie) Bubacarr Badgie, was born in The Gambia in 1972. He finished his schooling in 1990 and in 1992 he started working with a famous artist. In 1993, together with artists from other African countries, Badjie held his first African art exhibition where he was the youngest of the participants. This led to early acclaim which imbued him with increased confidence where he realised that "this road has no end".

He started selling his art works in 1996 and has since travelled extensively including the US and resides between the Netherlands and Gambia. He is locally prominent as a result of his artistic endeavours.

Talking Drum
Traditional Lords

Three Sisters


Trained in Gambia and the United States he has exhibited widely around the world and has made a distinct contribution both to the West African and the international worlds of art. His belief that oil painting has a significant place in the contemporary art of Gambia has led to him evolving of a unique style that defines the leading edge of Gambian art. Pre-eminent amongst his peers, his influence upon later generations of Gambian artists has been important.

Badjie's paintings radiate both colour & movement. Using a brush, and beginning with simple shapes, his paintings build up depth by a process of repetition, to create surprisingly dynamic works out of what seemed to be static planes. The paintings at close range are brilliantly executed works in un-controlled abstraction; but the seemingly chaotic mangle of colours, as one retreats from the canvas to take a longer look, suddenly come into a magical focus that beautifully captures & celebrates the rich vibrancy of an entire country of colours. He says that nature is his biggest inspirational source for his African art works.

Contact Details:
Alagi B. Badjie
African Art Gallery
Molendam 2
6654 KA, Afferden

Tel no: +31 624 404 721


Mob: +220 7208411 (Gambia)

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