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How To Find Budget Flights To Gambia

Finding special offers and last minute flights to Gambia from the UK, EU or USA can be time consuming.

The first thing when using a the internet is not to use a broad terms but to specify words like "economy class" "cheap flights to Banjul" "Airport", "Yundum", International "from the UK" or "London, Gatwick". Before you go looking for low priced air tickets to Banjul, it helps to know what a low priced airline ticket is. To do this you may want to compare prices online for special deals on offer on airline tickets to Gambia using a price comparison website.

Fare comparison sites allow you to check all the relevant airline websites simultaneously to get the best airfare bargains. A click on your desired journey takes you to the airlines travel-booking section.

General Tips:
Below is advice on how to get to Banjul by plane in the cheapest way possible.

The more flexible you are about the date of your airline departure, the more likely you are to find a cheap air fare to Gambia. If you persist on traveling on certain dates you will probably pay more for you airline ticket.

If you are able to make you holiday departure or return a day or two earlier or later you can save a substantial amount of cash on the price. Try using Travelocity to find airfares for flexible vacation dates. Orbitz and Kayak also have the flexible date option.

When you make your flight bookings early you can save on the cost of your ticket making it relatively inexpensive. Attempt to make your flight reservation 30 days before your departure. Special deals don't hang around indefinitely so if you see a great flight deal you should make your reservation straightaway and without delay. Generally Tuesday is the best day of the week: Most airlines update their reservation systems on that day at 7pm GMT. People tend to buy the bulk of their tickets on the weekend, so airlines make changes on Tuesdays which is one of the slowest days of the week.

Avoid weekend flights to Banjul because they are normally more pricey due to the fact that this is the time of the week when most travellers fly. Flying between Monday and Thursday normally results in a reduced cheaper fare. Similarly you should try to steer clear from making your reservation on busy holiday dates as that is when most travellers and airlines are flying out to Yundum Airport. The peak holiday months for visitors to is in the winter months between October to April.

Go directly to the various websites of airlines flying to Banjul Airport and sign up for email alerts for discounted budget deals to Gambia.

If you have the time you can save money by using an airline flying to the nearby Dakar Airport (Léopold Sédar Senghor International) can often give you cheaper airfares. You can then make the rest of your inward journey by car and ferry.

Consider purchasing separate air tickets for your outward bound and return flight as this can often save you money.

If along with your flight you will also require hotel accommodation, then booking a package holiday can save you money on your journey, room and board.

Some online booking services and airlines have a "lowest fares" guarantee; often if the fare drops within 24 hours on the same ticket, you can claim the difference and benefit by getting the cheapest possible economy flight to Gambia.
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