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Cost of Building Materials in Gambia

The list is just an approximate of average prices guide of the costs of imported building materials supplied in Gambia, West Africa.

The general costs of building construction can vary between 260 per square metre and 480 or more per square metre depending on the building design and quality of materials used.
Construction Materials Price
Cement per bag (Portland)   D285
Corrugated I.S (0.14mm) a packet   D1,500
Corrugated iron sheets I.S (0.16mm) pkt.   D1,600
Decrabond roofing sheets per sheet   D950
Floor Tiles (Ceramic 1 sq. metre)   D290
Floor Tiles (Marble 1 sq. metre)   D535
Gravel (Basalt) (20metric tons)   D73,000
Gravel (Laterite) (11m3)   D7,950
Paint (Acrylic paint) drum   D2,800
Paint (Emulsion oil paint) 3.6l   D290
Paint (water) (1 drum)   D1,250
Sand (single trip 11m3)   D5,200
Steel Rods (reinforcing rebar)  10 mm   D250
Steel Rods (reinforcing rebar)  12 mm   D345
Steel Rods (reinforcing rebar)  16 mm   D760

Do not rely on the information on this page to make any property decisions in Gambia. The information above is only intended as a general guide and you should check for yourself. Prices of construction materials vary from different outlets, different dates, due to fluctuations in the exchange rates or whether you buy in bulk wholesale and may receive a discount.

Last updated: 18 March 2017

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