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Ganja (Marijuana) in Gambia

Jamba (Ganja) is the name for Marijuana (Cannabis / Pot) in The Gambia, and seems to be more prevalent than alcohol given the Islamic prohibition on liquor consumption. Be aware that using and/or possessing Ganja is illegal in the country.

Never engage in illegal drugs. Penalties and prisons in Gambia are harsh.

"Cannabis grows naturally in The Gambia and other parts of Africa and has been used as a recreational drug for centuries but its abuse is now widespread in both rural and urban populations in Africa (United Nations, 1989).

The potency of cannabis varies widely geographically, with reduced levels of the major active principal, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in plants grown in cold climates; cannabis in West Africa is likely, therefore, to be highly potent.

In The Gambia there are three cannabis harvests per year and its low cost, and ready availability favour its widespread use. The cannabinoids are highly lipophilic and accumulate in body fat, leading to a long half-life in chronic users (Harvey, 1985)."

British Journal of Psychiatry (1993) 163, 798-801
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