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Jalex Jalex (a.k.a. Akuntu, real name Malang Touray) was born in Bakau, on the west coast of The Gambia. His grandfather was a famous Gwl who encouraged him as a youth to pursue the Afro-Manding style of music combining his melodic singer's voice with the traditional Afro-Mandinka genre of music. He himself calls it "Afro-Afric".

Jalex's first hit single was released in 1997 and was titled Africa Kairo which means "Peace in Africa". Which tried to address the issue of the numerous internal conflicts ravaging the continent and urged Africans to see what was unfolding before their very eyes.

He then joined a Gambian based group called Dextrous Squad which was short-lived and soon disbanded. Jalex however, continued to be a musical writer and singer over the next few years.

The release of the single titled Kana Kideh on video led to greater exposure for the singer. He was frequently featured on Saturday nights as a guest performer on the Goudi Samdi entertainment magazine on GRTS, the national television station. This helped to make him a household name across the Gambia and he has gained a lot of respect and admiration because he tends to perform his songs in the Mandinka language.

In the early part of the year 2006 a fortuitous encounter with a British man called Gary Jones led to him being appointed as the singer's manager and promoter in the UK as well as The Gambia. A number of CD singles have been recorded in the United Kingdom as well as a music video called Duniyaa.

Jalex's album titled Soma Alfaa was released in February, 2007, to great acclamation on local radio and television stations. The following month in March, his single titled Nmala Moola Bi won the  "Smiling Coast Riddim" competition held at West Coast Radio.

He has indeed gained a household name in the Gambia through his performances, radio and TV sessions. His singles are often played on the radios and his videos aired on the national TV. He has performed with a lot of big time artists on several occasions. His new videos which are also produced by Hi-Tech Production are set to be released soon. Keep an eye out for this young, talented and up coming artist.

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Address Contact Details:
PO Box 4541, Bakau KSMD
The Gambia, West Africa
Telephone number:
UK (+44) 7900 972036

Africa Kairo - 1997
Soma Alfaa - 2006
Kana Kideh

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