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Jali Nyama Suso

Jali Nyama Suso (born Mohamadu Lamin Suso), the legendary Manding music Kora player was born around 1925 & died in 1991 of tuberculosis which he was infected with in 1986. He was famous in The Gambia for his weekly show on Radio Gambia & is acknowledged as one of the greatest kora players of the 20th century. By the time he was 8 years old he was already proficient with the lute.

As a youth the first song he learned was "Kelefaba," about the 19th century Kelefa Saane who was a warrior of the aristocracy of Kaabu.

As his career progressed he travelled widely to play at weddings and social functions, but his peripatetic employment was severely curtailed when, aged 16, he lost a leg after a bad fall. He concentrated instead on establishing a career in radio, beginning in 1956. His popularity rose with these appearances, and by the mid-60s he was a nationally celebrated figure, enjoying the patronage of President Jawara's first wife. Jawara  apparently appointed him as arranger to the Gambian national anthem, 'Fode Kabba'. Afterwards he would be critical of the government (following Jawara's divorce). Later, after two musicologists visited the region he took the opportunity to travel back with them to the USA instead.

While he was a resident artist at the  University of Washington (between 1971 - 1972) he recorded his first solo album, released on the OCORA label titled Gambie: Mandinka kora par Jali Nyama Suso. He was back at the university between 1972-73.

He additionally penned the song "Kinte's Tune" for Alex Haley's "Roots" television adaptation. Significantly, this was the show which first acknowledged black America's tidal wave of empathy with the African experience and the moral debt of colonialism. In the 80s he he toured in England, Germany, France, and Sweden.

Jali Nyama Suso is famous for being the first Kora player to teach the kora outside of Africa!

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