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Kerr Batch Stone Circles (Gambia)

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The ancient stone circles at Kerr Batch are located on the Gambia's north bank and are thought to be over a thousand years old (some dated to AD 750) and is an ancient burial area for chiefs whose subjects belonged to a single unified culture. The centrepiece of the stone circles at Kerr Batch is the lyre stone which is an odd V-shape which is a couple of metres in height. The stone circles form part of the Senegambia Stone Circles which are scattered in the region.

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The Complex:
The area also houses a small permanent museum which was a UNESCO financed venture whose collection consists of objects relating to the ceremonial, economic and occupational activities of the people of the area such as the Wolof, Fulani and Mandinkas from the districts such as Niani and Nianija. The exhibits include farm tools, hunting weapons, initiation masks, cloth making tools, herbal medicines and other items.

Travel Information:
To get to the area you should get a ferry from Banjul to Barra then proceed by road to Nyanga Bantang which is on the  Farafenni to Lamin Koto highway. The circles are located off this road at a distance of 3.5 miles away and is signposted for directions.

Entrance Fee: about 2
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