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Kombo Coastal Road

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The 2 lane Kombo (aka Combo) Coastal Road runs from Greater Banjul right down south through the Gambian villages of Kololi, Bijilo, Brufut, Tanji, Sanyang, Gunjur and Kartong. The total cost of the bituminized highway is  D168 million which runs for 80km along the Atlantic strip (112km including ancillary routes). The section that runs from the Kairaba Avenue traffic lights up to the Brusubi Roundabout is called the Bertil Harding Highway.

The Kombo Coastal Roads Project, which is aimed at expanding the road network serving the countrys most beautiful beaches, to develop the southern Atlantic Coast from Tanji to Kartong. Funding was provided to the Gambia Government  for the highway by the Kuwait Fund and the Arab bank to the tune of 112 million Dalasis. Taiwan also provided financing which enabled the building of the Kerewan road and river crossover.

Construction Routes:
The modernisation to an asphalt grade of 80 kilometres of laterite gravel routes from Sukuta to Kartong  and in the Western Region between Brikama and Gunjur, Sukuta to the airport and between Kololi up to Ghana Town.

The upgrading of the 28 kilometres section of the Serrekunda to Mandina Ba Road.

The upgrading of 24 kilometres the Trans-Gambia Highway which runs across the centre of the country in a north-south direction connecting Dakar to Keur Ayib on the Senegalese border, through Farafenni and and then picks up again through Yelli Tenda Ferry Crossing through Soma and ends at Senoba on the Casamance district border.

Quantity of Works Involved: (est.)

Excavation digging -32,000m
Cement stabilized base -359,929m
Concrete paving -550m
Concrete (bridgework) -658m
Concrete (culverts) -2,477m
Double Bituminous surface -828,000m
Portland grade cement -359,929m
Pre-made Concrete Kerbing -10,075m
Reinforced Concrete Drains -12,550m
Reinforcements -210 tonnes
Sand -136,767m
Steel Pile Tubing 500mm -600m
Sub-base of selected laterite -346,982m
Variable Excavations -428,979m
Source: Dept. of Works

The deadline for contractors to enter their tender bids was the 17 March 1997 and was sent to the Major Tender Board at the Ministry of Finance in Banjul.

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