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Pictures of Kotu, Gambia (88)

Kotu information

Road Sign

Tropical fruits

Women waiting

Two kids

Drinking monkey

Sea Shells

Destiny's club
Kotu Beach area
Palm Beach Hotel
Lifeguard post
Kotu Beach
Kombo Beach Hotel
Kombo Beach

Child on beach

Craft shop
Bendula Craft Market shop
Ali Awa Jobe shop
Palm Beach Kotu Palm Beach Hotel sea views
Badala Highway

Road to Palm Beach Hotel
Kotu Beach
Outside Kombo
Jeck Cham shopping complex and apartments
Towards BB Hotel
Bungalow Beach

Beach to Kololi

Kotu Ponds

Residential area

Kombo Beach
Kotu Strand Beach

Private house
Kotu Beach area

Beach at sunset
Elton Petrol Station
Elton Station
Badala Park Hotel Entrance to Palm Beach Hotel
Farm land
Farm Kotu Stream
Elton Petrol Station
Towards Fajara Hotel
Kotu Strand Beach
Kombo Beach Hotel Combo Coastal Road
Tam Tam Garden Bar and Restaurant Beach scene

Boat & Palm trees

Kombo Beach Hotel

Rd. to Bakoteh
Lifeguard's look out post Fruit seller

Girls on shore

Beach wedding
Badala Highway
Kotu Stream
Kotu Stream area
Kotu Ponds
Private house on local street
Boys fishing

Mangrove swamp

Private Houses
Futurelec bldg.

Boss Lady
Combo Coastal Road

Badala Road
Kotu Craft Market

To Bakoteh


Monitor lizard
Palm trees
Palm trees

Residential Road

Path to hotels

Sunset Beach
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