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Gambian Local Corner Shops

Sprinkled everywhere through the streets of residential areas in The Gambia. Though they can vary greatly in size and selection, most have certain staples that Gambians would purchase on a day-to-day basis. A short-list includes bread (taapa laapa and senfu), laundry soap, mints, matches, oil, eggs (raw and hard-boiled), mosquito coils, Nescafe, powdered juice and milk packets, and Attaya. For a more complete list with Wolof translations, see the phrases section. One of the best reasons for visiting local shops are the made-to-order sandwiches—your choice of bread with egg or potato and mayo with a sprinkle of Jumbo.

These shops are primarily owned and run by people from the Fulani or Mauritanian communities. Their prices tend to be a lot lower than you would pay at  the various supermarkets and they are ideal for small basic items.


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