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Manufacturing Sector in Gambia

Introduction: The Gambia’s manufacturing sector continues to be under developed with a limited manufacturing base focused mainly at the domestic market & utilizing a limited range of skills & technology. The Government's strategy is to build on the small domestic base to encourage companies to supply the Gambian & regional markets & subsequently develop products which can be exported to the EU & the US.

Investment Opportunities: Although the Gambian market is small, there are substantial imports of manufactured goods & processed foods for the tourist & national populations.

There is also a substantial regional market with established distribution channels developed through the existing re-export business.

Opportunities exist in the following areas:
• Food and drink processing.

• Packaging for the agriculture and food processing sectors.

• Machinery manufacturing and servicing (particularly for the agriculture, food and fisheries industry).

• Plastics for the consumer market.

• Plastics for the construction industry.

• Stainless steel fabrication.

• Basic electronic assembly.

• Pharmaceutical manufacturing or packaging.

• Healthcare products (complimentary medicines, medical devices etc.)

• Cosmetics production.
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