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Masla Bi

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Profile & Background:
Also known as Maslabi or Masla Bii the mbalax, salsa, dancehall, rap group was formed in Gambia. They created a style, evocative of old, traditional cultural songs and innovatively added the present day mbalax/salsa, dancehall dance beat with local chorus rap. This unique style has left the crew in a world of its own. Masla bi is one of the most outstanding groups in the Gambian music scene.

Their hit single on the debut album “Merro” won the Gambian rap award for the “best single” in July 1999.

The album titled “Bu Nui Merro” recorded in The Gambia and released in 1999 featured guest artists like Mass Lowe on backing vocals, Ahmed Choin and Agata Colley, Mustapha Faye from Youssou N'Dours band (arranger) and Thio M'baye (percussion). I

Masla bi was invited as guest artists to perform at the Miss Ecowas beauty contest in The Gambia in 1999. They also performed alongside Youssou N'Dour at the Senegalese summer outing as Guest artists at the invitation of the Senegalese National TV.

Malsla bi released their second album “Waxtaalnal ko”, in 2001. It became one of the most selling albums in the Gambia . The single ‘waxtaanal ko' added several miles to the groups speedy journey to stardom. The song ‘waxtaanal ko' has a little spice of mbalax, a full spice of Latin American calypso and rumba. The single ‘waxtaanalko' is one of the six songs featured on Masla bi's second effort. It's force has given it the capital band for the wonderful album. The album was recorded in Senegal . Both albums were produced by Soul Sound Jollof Promotion, UK.

At their third anniversary celebration a new single was released. It was called “Duman” and contained a Wollof version of Shaggys “It wasn't me”. The song “Music” was featured on the album “One Gambia”, a compilation which gave an overview of the new Gambian music.

In 2002 Masla bi went on a tour in the U.K. and now they are working on their third album.

After five years of relative quiet, B Nui Merro Production proudly presents Maslaa Bi’s third album and new single “Alel” (wealth).

The album is going to be out in 2008 and the single is already out on general release. The album is already recorded at Maslaa bi studios in Nottingham.

It took awhile to release the third album because the boys have being working not only for Senegambia but the international community as well. We know it took a bit longer than the fans expected but the boys have being working to be more professional in the music scene. Maslaa bi has been in studio with the person that adds spice into their music who is a well known person call Mustapha Faye of “Super Etoile”. He is the person that made the first two albums and he did the third together with Maslaa Bi .The arrangement was done by Mustapha Faye, the vocals are done by Nas, Tonton Bala, El Pacco and DJ Gunman, Korist Jalikebba Suso and percussionist Karim Mbaye (Cho Mbaye's brother).

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A lbum title: "Alel" (wealth) 2008

Bu Nui Merro Waxtaalnal ko •Alel

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