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Nature Reserves & National Parks

The Gambia has 7 national parks & nature reserves, 1 community wildlife reserve (Bolong Fenyo), 66 forest parks & 1 Ramsar site. In total they represent about 3.5 per cent of the country's total land area which is roughly 38,000 ha. [read on... ]
Abuko Nature Reserve
Ballabu Conservation Project
Bama Kuno Forest Park
Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve
Bijilo Forest Park
Bolong Fenyo Wildlife Reserve
Kiang West National Park
Kunkilling Forest Park
Makasutu Cultural Forest
Niumi National Park
Pirang Forest National Park
River Gambia National Park
Tanbi Wetland Complex
Tanji Bird Reserve
Tumani Tenda Eco-Reserve
The protected areas and their dates of designation in alphabetical order are :- Abuko Nature Reserve (105 ha) 1916, Baobolon Wetland Reserve (1996) 22,000 ha., Kiang West National Park (1987) 11,000 ha., Niumi National Park (1986) 4,940 ha., River Gambia National Park (1978) 570 ha., and the Tanji Karinti Bird Reserve (1993) 612 ha. In order to protect the biodiversity in these areas only some selected reserves are open to the public at large. Enquire with your hotel or tour guide..

There is also an increasing movement for community or privately managed eco nature reserves such as the Brufut Woods Community Project which is basically a bird sanctuary, Kunkilling Forest Park, Makasutu Culture Forest, Tumani Tenda,  Kahlenge & Bama Kuno, and Pirang Forest National Park with its large population of monkeys such as Green vervets, Hussard, Guinea baboons and the Colobus Badius.

The protected area policy dates back to 1916 when Abuko was given government protection as a water catchment location.

The new forestry policy, under the Department of Parks, was developed between 1995 to 2005, aims to increase the total land area of managed forests to 30% of the total land area of The Gambia and that 75%. It also aims to develop 17,000 hectares of forest park and put 200,000ha of land under community forest management. Part of the strategy is to ensure that 75% of forests are protected and managed in line with forest management principles.
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