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Ndaga / Mbalax Music & Dance in Gambia

The Ndaga (Ndagga) music style also known as Mbalax was created in Dakar in the 1970s and its early proponents were Etoile de Dakar from which the likes of Youssou N'dour broke off and went solo.

It evolved from the Senegalese liking for Latin music combined with the Congo rumba beat which musicians from the Wolof tribe took and blended with the 'Tama' (talking drum), Sabarr (Djembe Drum) and electric guitar and lyrics to create the Ndagga musical style.

The dancing that accompanies the musical genre is uniquely African and incorporates gyrating dance with sensual overtones.

In Gambia the new genre was played and promoted by the "Super Eagles" band who were big in the 1970s and early 80s.

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