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Etiquette of Taking Photos in Gambia

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As a general rule, you should ask people’s permission before taking photos of them—though few will refuse, it is the polite, non-dehumanizing thing to do.

Most of the time, everyone in sight (especially of the younger set) will all try to dive into the picture with award-winning smiles, and thus your biggest photography problem will probably be your inability to capture Gambians going about their business without dropping everything to pose. However, there are some people who don’t like their image to be captured, and you should respect their self-dignity.

An important note is that it is 'illegal' to photograph police officers, guards, and government buildings without officially sanctioned permission. Beware of what you are capturing before you press the shutter release or the record button. This might be seen as possibly compromising the security of the Gambia.

Definitely do not take pictures of embassies, government buildings or military people or bases without proper official guided permission.
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