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Gambia Quad Bike Tours & Hire

There are several bush and beach quad bike safari operators and hire firms in The Gambia. These are mostly dotted around the west coast beach holiday resorts of Senegambia in Kololi, Kotu, Bijilo, Brufut and Cape Point. You can join a group excursion or rent quad bikes, buggies and scooters for a few hours, half-day, full-day or 2 day adventure safari with a guide and instructions.

Quad Bikes:
These are available outside some hotels, along the Bertil Harding Highway and on a few beaches. Some quadbike operators offer organised, off-road guided safaris where they can pick you up from your hotel and take you to their base where the inexperienced are instructed on the handling and safe use of the vehicles before commencing on their excursion. Some operators will take you on tours going through or stopping off at local Gambian villages for a break. Food and drinks are sometimes provided as part of the cost so do enquire before booking your trip.

For the independently minded visitor self-drive All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) are an excellent way to check out local villages, the bush and quiet beaches as quad bikes can negotiate their way over often rugged, narrow forest tracks and steep paths and terrains which are often out of bounds for many SUVs.

These are just like quad bikes except they offer greater safety as they come with a roll cage, seat belts, 2 seats side-by-side and are generally bigger. Hiring a buggy also known as a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) or Recreational Off highway Vehicle (ROV) buggy with an instructor on board is often the best way to tour for the less experienced, the elderly, infirm and young children.

Beach Riding
If you rent a quad bike during the holiday season it's not advisable to go riding along the busy resort beaches between Cape Point to Bijilo given that there are visitors sunbathing, walking etc. Please also note that the Gambia Tourism Authority may place restrictions on beach riding, so do check with them first before venturing off. It is better to head further along the south west coast of The Gambia to the beaches of Tujering, Batokunku, Sanyang, Gunjur and Kartong. Depending on the tide it is possible to ride from just south of Bijilo to the last village on the coast called Kartong.

Safety and Insurance:
It is advisable to always wear a helmet when riding an ATV, and to make sure that the signals are working properly before mounting. For your own safety do not take your ATV or UTV to the capital of Banjul. This is because the road leading to the city is a highway with fast moving traffic.

Always read the small print in your travel insurance policy as some insurance companies will not insure you for quad biking as it may be deemed one of the 'dangerous activities' while on holiday.

Contact Quad Bike Operators:

 West African Powersports
Quad Bike SafarisThe company offers half-day organised guided excursion with hotel pick-up, drop-off, refreshments and lunch off the beaten track. They are based in Brusubi and they take a dirt track route that goes through diverse scenery such as forest, bush, villages, hills, streams, through Tujering village with lunch at a restaurant on Tujering beach. From there you take a slightly different route back to their Brusubi base where you will be taken back to your hotel. With West African Powersports you can get to see parts of The Gambia which you would not normally see as a tourist. Their start time is about 9am and ends around 3pm. They aim to cater for all ages and experiences, so it should be a fun day out for the kids.

Tilly Tours
They are located in Kololi, on the Senegambia Strip. Once you book a quadbike trip you will be collected from your hotel and taken to their base where you will be given some instruction on the safe handling and operation of your ATV before proceeding on your guided excursion.

You will be accompanied on your quad bike excursion by at least 2 trained guides, one at the head of the group and one at the back. The route you take will depend on how long your safari is but will take you to various local villages, past working people and various environments where you can spot various wildlife. The longer duration trips includes a ride along stretches of beach and a break at a village to see either a local health clinic or school as well as other fascinating aspects of local life. Their quad bike tours are open to individuals and families.

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