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Work & Residency Permits For Gambia

If I want to Live in The Gambia do I Need a Residency Permit?:
The short answer is Yes.

In order to reside in The Gambia (for working purposes, for example), non-Gambians / expatriates require a employment / residential  permit for themselves and and an alienís identity card for themselves and each of their dependents who are 18 years of age or more. The residential / employment permit and Aliens ID card needs to be renewed annually.

You must carry both your work / residency permit for Gambia and your Aliens ID Card in case you are asked for these by a member of the Immigration Department or the Police.

There are 3 categories of residential permits and there is a fee payable for each one.

Type A:
This is for resident purpose only and issued to retired foreign citizens and international students.

Type B:
This category is used for employment and it is used by citizens of ECOWAS and other foreign nationals who are working in Gambia in skilled employment and companies.
Type C:
This residential permit is issued to skilled workers and small traders.

Nationals coming from Mauritania, Republic of Guinea, Mali or Senegal are exempt from having to pay the residential permit.

Alien's ID Cards:
All persons living in Gambia must have and carry their identity card at all times. The alien card is valid for 1 full year and its function is to identify foreign nationalities living in the country. To get the alien's ID card one must first submit their passport and own nation's ID card. Failing this he or she should get a sworn affidavit or a consular's card proving one's nationality.

There are 2 types:
A) ECOWAS citizen members:
Cost of card and small charge for application form.

B) Non-ECOWAS nationalities:
Cost of card and small charge for application form.

National Identity Cards:
It is compulsory by law for all Gambians over the age of 18 years of age to carry an ID card at all times. Before one is issued you must produce proof of identity either in the form of a Birth Certificate, Voter's Card or a sworn affidavit from your local chief. Fines and / or imprisonment can be imposed for a failure to produce one when requested to do so.

NB: Some or all of the above information may be out-of-date and subject to change without notice. Please check with the appropriate authorities.
Last updated 22 February 2017
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