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Sending money to Gambia by Ria Financial Services international money transfer can be done worldwide in over 85 countries. Since being set up in 1987 Ria has become the third-largest global money transfer company.

It provides a fast, reliable and secure money transfer service using quality technology to ensure easiest and fastest ways to send money to Gambia.

Ria Financial Services is part of the Euronet Worldwide Company which provides international remittance transfer services to Gambia to get cash to members of your family in the quickest way possible via its local agent bank in Banjul called the AGIB.

How To Send Money To Gambia in Person:
Locate and contact one of RIA's 41,000+ international paying agents, correspondents or RIA locations around the world.

Hand over the cash which you want transferred, in addition to a service fee.

Your transfer order will be entered into their customised computer system and sent to an Order Processing Centre.

You will be given a receipt with a special tracking number. Once the transaction has cleared, the order is sent to the Agib correspondent in Gambia.

The Correspondent informs the beneficiary that the funds has ready for collection and can be claimed upon presentation of acceptable identification.

You can check the progress of a transfer transaction online. Generally, recipients will receive their cash within 24 hours. Alternatively, contact your agent with your tracking number and your order will be tracked for you.

Funds can also be transferred to Banjul by the Euronet ATM payout system as well as by RiaLink Card.

How To Receive Money in Gambia:
You may be contacted either by the RIA Express correspondent in Banjul or the person who remitted the money to you.

You will be requested to show acceptable identification before monies can be paid out.

Those monies can then be taken as cash or placed into a specified checking or savings account.

Any of the following can be used as evidence of identification: a valid Gambian driver's license, state issued ID, current passport or visa, or alien ID.


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