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Sayerr Jobe Avenue

Westfield Junction
The Sayerr Jobe Avenue (also spelt Sayer) starts from Westfield Junction, Serrekunda, and carries up towards the market and up towards Bambo and the old Tipper Garage.

Street Side:
Close to the enclosed market at the intersection of Mosque Road and Sayerr Jobe Avenue, every foot of kerbside space is very often taken up by small traders and shoppers, and every bit of road is congested with cars, bicycles, wheelbarrows, and yet more shoppers.

Further south east you will come across numerous barber hair stylist shops with often humorous hand-painted billboards depicting a few of the current styles, furniture workshops where craftsmen put together intricately designed bridal beds, and ironmongery shops, with lines of alluminium ladles and heaps of shining cooking pots, roughly moulded in the traditional way.

In the summer of 2010, Serrekunda's main road was re-laid with tarmac. This road building construction work goes all the way past the old Tipper Garage.

Souvenir Shopping:
Near each other on the avenue are two quality craft shops - Art Collections and the Samory Touray Timbuktoo Bead and Mask Shop (tel: 9919116).

They sell contemporary and antique carvings, beads, masks, bronze statues, drums, and textiles from all over West Africa such as the bogolan mud cloth which originates from Mali.

There is also one other place worth visiting and that is Karamo Art (tel: 9900086).
Westfield Junction

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